The How To’s: Use And Not Abuse Facebook for Freelancing Artists

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What a big and wonderful online world we live in today. We have so many choices when it comes to picking the right social media platforms to use as Freelancing artists.  This can be a little overwhelming sometimes and cause one to not use them to their full potential. I know how exciting it can be when you are just getting started, however with so much to discuss for each social media site, I thought we could dip our toes in and focus on the site that is still leading as the fastest growing social networking site around the world, Facebook.

Things To Consider Before Creative a Profile

  • Have you got good branding?
  • Are you happy with your freelancing business name?
  • Do you have enough content to post to create attention to your new site?
  • Do you know your target audience?
  • How much time can you allocate to keeping the sites updated?

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social-network-popularity-by-countryFacebook is a must have social media profile as it is the most widely used in the world.  It reaches all demographics which means it will suit any freelancing business.

When people go onto Facebook, they are looking for entertainment, information and just a little more substance.  They have more time to consume than if they were browsing Instagram or Twitter.  Use this attention allowance to really engage with your audience. Showcasing your portfolio is the underlying objective of your page, however consider creating some of the following posts:

  • Fun and relative memes
  • Competitions involving other related brands and businesses
  • Inspiration that is similar to your own work
  • Behind the scenes sneak peeks
  • Videos linked from your YouTube account
  • Tips and handy hints
  • New blog posts

As a freelancing artist with a professional portfolio website or blog, Facebook is a great tool to get more traffic to your site. Think about sharing your new photo-shoot, album or project from your website as a graphic link, rather than posting every image to your profile.

Create a page for your business and do not use your personal profile.  Using a page means followers wont be able to view your personal information or private posts, like what you ate for breakfast that morning. Another perk of using a page are the stats provided to keep track of your public reach and activity. Keep an eye on what posts work, and what don’t.

Advertising on Facebook is an option, however there is a daily fee if you wish to run an advertisement.  The more you spend the more people it will reach.  One benefit of this feature is the ability to target your intended audience based on their location and interests.  If you wish to create a Facebook ad, make sure you select the image and text to suit your brand and target audience.  Something that is eye catching.

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Another element to embrace is Facebook’s sharing capabilities with YouTube, which is discussed briefly below:


YouTube isn’t always for everyone, but it is a great way to provide that ‘little extra’.  The videos you create can be shared to your Facebook page, increasing the chance of exposure.  Uploading videos to YouTube is much more beneficial than uploading them directly from Facebook’s inbuilt video upload.  Firstly, the video will be of much higher quality. Secondly, YouTube is connected to Google which means the video will be listed in Google’s search engine and therefore more easily found.

Great video subjects for creative freelancers include:

  • Behind the scenes of the process
  • Tips and tutorials
  • Creative videos
  • Interviews

It is truly satisfying once your social media ‘image’ has been perfected to how you want it. Please share some of your tips on how you use these social media sites for your freelancing creative business.

Keep posted as the next blog post will talk about how to best use Instagram.


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